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The main fiscal legislative changes of September 2018 refer to:

  • Accounting of the quarterly distribution of dividends and interim financial statements provisions – Order no. 3067/2018;
  • Rights during delegation/posting – Government Decision 714/2018;
  • Transmission of the information regarding the quality as insured person to the social security house – OpNAFA 3903/2018;
  • Completing the provisions on insolvency proceedings – Government Emergency Ordinance 88/2018;
  • Modification of the reduced VAT rate of 9% and 5% – Government Emergency Ordinance 89/2018;
  • Bonuses for individuals who owe income tax and/or social security contributions – Government Emergency Ordinance 89/2018;
  • Electronic Register of Internship contracts;
  • Guidebook for electronic cash registers.

For detailed fiscal legislative changes please click the below link:

September 2018 tax newsletter