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The main fiscal legislative changes of May 2019 refer to:

  • Procedure for granting the maternity allowance – Law 89/2019;
  • Retired persons and disciple’s employment provisions – Law 93/2019;
  • Reduced VAT rate 5%, fiscal amnesty – GEO 31/2019;
  • Changes in D112 form – Order 2165/2019;
  • Single Declaration submission, registration fee refund for auto vehicles – GEO 35/2019;
  • Obligation to pay VAT on the sale of real estate when the value of the sale price exceeds the VAT exemption threshold – CJUE C-265/2018;
  • Other projects and normative acts in discussions regarding: clarification for tax incentives applicable to the construction sector, income tax exemption for journalists and changes in pension and health contribution obligations for partial contracts.

For detalied fiscal legislative changes please click the below link:

May 2019 tax newsletter