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The main fiscal legislative changes of August 2018 refer to:

  • Endowment with cash registers with electronic journal – GEO 44/2018;
  • The internship law – Law 176/2018;
  • Restitution of the income tax withheld by the income payer at a higher amount than the legally due – Order 1760/2018;
  • Pension and health insurance contribution establishing and regulation – OpNAFA 1701/2018;
  • Ex officio establishment of the annual tax on income of natural persons – OpNAFA 1869/2018;
  • Registration of economic operators selling energy products, alcohol, tobacco in wholesale or retail system – OpNAFA 1960/2018;
  • Annulment of income tax through anticipated payment decisions – OpNAFA 1855/2018;
  • Overdue invoices higher than RON 10,000 and older than 30 days situation – Project amending Government Ordinance 77/1999;
  • Accounting of the quarterly distribution of dividends and interim financial statements provisions – Ministry of Public Finance Project.

For detailed fiscal legislative changes please click the below link:

August 2018 tax newsletter