Str. Dr. Grigore Mora 11, Bucuresti, Romania

People are always an important success factor for any business, and a solid organizational culture can be a string differentiator and a growth driver. Our recruiting specialists can help you find the right people for your business, and we can also support you with a dedicated team to build or strengthen your organizational identity that will motivate and retain your employees.

Managing your staff files and salary reports takes time and requires compliance with certain laws and regulations. We can help you with all these aspects, including representing your company in relationship with state authorities, so you can focus on your business growth.

Did you know that


You can work in any EU country for a maximum 2 years period while being insured in the social system in Romania, as a seconded employee?


Starting with 2016 the temporary work contracts are taxed similarly to the authorized natural persons?


You risk receiving fines if you are in the position of employer and you have not implemented employee performance evaluation procedures? The performance evaluation of the employees is mandatory.


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