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The success of any business relies on a good plan, but also on the right implementation and follow up.

Setting and planning financial indicators, together with customized reporting structures, depending on clients and industry specific, is one of our main strengths. Customized reports answer to both internal needs of our clients (periodical reporting, consolidation, transposing the statutory financial statements to the international financial standards, but also to external requirements like credit institutions or potential investors. We propose structures of KPIs or KBIs* that are relevant to our clients and which will help them to take the right decisions.

We also offer professional advice for budgeting and optimizing resources that will make possible reaching target objectives. We provide solutions and methods for a real time follow up of expenses and incomes versus planned budget. Resources consumption in real time might have deviation from the initial plan, and this can be tracked through controlling, which will signalize possible risks, in order to minimize or eliminate them as soon as possible.

Based on the historical company data we can provide forecasting for future results, as the base for a sustainable growth strategy.

Depending on your business specific, on the growth phase you are in and on the macroeconomic trends, we provide customized financial management solutions, that will help you to take the best business decisions.

Moreover, we can assure interim financial management (through experienced managers on Romanian market), if required.

Did you know that


By practicing a professional controlling you can optimize the overall activity of your company? The conclusive information both on the current activity and on the forecasts may support the company management to determine and implement the suitable development strategy.


Budgeting and forecasting are different financial analysis concepts? The budget is a plan that points towards a target the business is aiming for and the forecast shows if the if that actually happens.


Controlling is different from audit or control and it refers to following-up the deviation of costs compared to the expenses forecast planned?


The forecasted cash flow is done after the annual budget is estimated due to the fact that the information in the cash flow comes directly from the forecasted budget?


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