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Auditing means to elaborate a professional and objective point of view about the performance of  company,  preferably as a third party.

No matter you need a financial audit or a risk analysis for your business, which can be required by external or internal stakeholders, we can elaborate an objective opinion regarding your company financial performance. We analyze risks and inefficiency points and then propose substantiated solutions. Our certified professional reports will be a guarantee for your business integrity and credibility.

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Did you know that …


In case you access European funding it is recommended to have an audit report to present to the authorities in order to effectively receive the cash?


The audit report is also a great instrument for identifying the risks a business has to face?


The proofs that are most credible for an audit report are those attained from outside the audited entity?


The financial and statutory audit services can only be external for reasons of impartiality and independence?


The audit is mandatory for the companies that fulfill certain criteria with respect to the company size?


In the absence of comprehensive and credible proofs, the auditor may refrain from expressing an opinion? The audit report opinion expressed in this case is “disclaimer of opinion”.


The audit services cannot be rendered for the same client for more than 7 years?


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