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We are a multi-specialized services hub and offer solutions to your financial, human resources or administrative issues. We are available whenever you need us, so you can focus on your business growth. We believe in long term relationships and transparency, in kept promises and fair priced services. Find more about our services on below links or contact us directly.

Accounting and taxes

Do you need primary accounting, complex reports or you need advice in mergers? Do you need to know precisely the impact of taxes on your business and avoid risks? Our accounting and taxes specialists will help you in a flexible way and customized on your needs.


No matter you need a financial audit or a risk analysis for your business, which can be required by external or internal stakeholders, we can elaborate an objective opinion regarding your company financial performance.

Financial management

The success of any business relies on a good plan, but also on the right implementation and follow up. We can help you with setting and planning your financial indicators, together with customized reporting structures and many more.

Organisational culture and human resources

People are always an important success factor for any business, and a solid organizational culture can be a string differentiator and a growth driver. We can help you to find the right people for your business or we can represent your company in relationship with state.

Legal consultancy

Through our legal consultancy services, we provide our clients with opinions and relevant information from the corporate, tax, civil and labor law areas, as well as from other related areas. We represent our clients before the civil and arbitration courts, as well as in relation with the state authorities.


Running an inventory takes time and requires an accurate planning. Our specialists can take care of all the details and deliver a full report for all your assets. We know your time is important and your business matters, so you can contact us anytime.

Internal Audit

Internal audit creates the premises for improving the processes existing in the entity, by selecting the areas where it can add value. We are at your disposal to ensure that the operational health of the entity is the one you want, in which the risks are known and properly treated.


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