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Tax newsletter May 2019

The main fiscal legislative changes of May 2019 refer to: Procedure for granting the maternity allowance - Law 89/2019;Retired persons and disciple’s employment provisions - Law 93/2019;Reduced VAT rate 5%, fiscal amnesty – GEO 31/2019;Changes in D112 form - Order...

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Tax newsletter April 2019

The main fiscal legislative changes of April 2019 refer to: The VAT rate applicable to packages of goods - GD 213/2019 ;VAT applicable to electronic services, value coupons - Law 60/2019;Modification regarding the procedure of registration in the Register of...

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Tax newsletter February 2019

The main fiscal legislative changes of February 2019 refer to: Methodology for establishing the income norms used to impose income from agricultural activities - GD 30/2019; VAT registration procedure - NAFA Order 167/2019;D112 completion instructions (explanations of...

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Tax newsletter December 2018

The main fiscal legislative changes of December 2018 refer to: Day workers – GOV 114/2018;Exemptions for construction workers– GOV 114/2018;Tax for online gambling organizers – GOV 114/2018;Tax treatment of cultural vouchers - GOV 114/2018;D204 form submitting...

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Increase in the gross minimum wage starting with 2019

Starting with January 1st 2019, according to GD 937/2018, the minimum gross wage guaranteed in payment for a normal work schedule of an average of 167,333 hours per month, representing 12.43 lei/ hour shall be in amount of: 2.080 lei per month without including any...

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Tax newsletter November 2018

The main fiscal legislative changes of November 2018 refer to: Amending and completing some accounting regulations - Order 3456/2018 Amending the Labor Code - GEO 96/2018; Payment and distribution of the tax liabilities of taxpayers individuals - Order 2937/2018; The...

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Tax newsletter October 2018

The main fiscal legislative changes of October 2018 refer to: Online submission of statements on the status of purchases and deliveries of excisable products through the EMCS application - Order 2346/2018; Travel agencies statement on the activity- Order 1183/2018;...

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Tax newsletter September 2018

The main fiscal legislative changes of September 2018 refer to: Accounting of the quarterly distribution of dividends and interim financial statements provisions – Order no. 3067/2018; Rights during delegation/posting - Government Decision 714/2018; Transmission of...

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Tax newsletter August 2018

The main fiscal legislative changes of August 2018 refer to: Endowment with cash registers with electronic journal - GEO 44/2018; The internship law – Law 176/2018; Restitution of the income tax withheld by the income payer at a higher amount than the legally due -...

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The accounting reporting system at 30 June 2018

According to the order 2531/2018 of the Ministry of Public Finance published in the Official Gazette Part I no. 623 from 18.07.2018, the entities that in the previous year registered a turnover exceeding RON 220.000 have the obligation to submit accounting reports...

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Quarterly distribution of dividends

The law project, initiated by the entrepreneurial environment in Romania on 26th June 2017, was approved by the Chamber of Deputies on 13th June 2018 and provides that the dividend distribution can be made quarterly based on the quarterly financial statements approved...

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Tax incentives proposal for IT sector

According to a draft Government Emergency Ordinance on some Fiscal-Budgetary Measures (hereinafter referred to as the “GEO”) from 6 February 2018, it is proposed to introduce a mechanism for compensating mandatory social contributions for the employers activating in...

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VAT split payment mechanism

According to Law no. 275/2017 for the approval of Government Ordinance no. 23/2017 regarding the VAT split payment, which was published in the Official Gazette on 28 December 2017, the VAT split payment mechanism will be compulsory for taxable persons and public...

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